About this time last year, I wrote about my top experiences of 201720162015 and 2014 . It’s a great way of reflecting and appreciating the last twelve months. It’s a gentle reminder of how the best things are not the objects we accrue, but the moments.

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is healthy, successful and prosperous for everyone I know and love.

1) Work – 2 Years in Tailormade 

7th January 2019 marked 5 years at Exodus. I feel lucky to have found a company that has formed the foundations of so much in my life. It is year 2 of my role as a Tailor-made Consultant. A lot of my friends have left the company now but we’re still in contact everyday (Alice).


Zebra Crossing? 🙂 – My Educational to Namibia – Dec 2018

2) Prancing in Prague

A sisterly trip comprising of chimney cake dusted with sugar, talented musicians, historic bridges and £1 beer. A city break to remember!


3) Momentous Madrid

Celebrating a 70th Birthday, Alex’s dad (Max) kindly set in motion a family weekend break. From Disney castles in Segovia to chocolate & churros on the street sides of Madrid, it was culture, good food and good company all rolled into one.


4) Sardines in Sardinia 

For March 2018, Alex and I spent a week cycling in Sardinia with rugged coastlines, sandy beaches and scary encounters of big farm dogs chasing our bikes.


5) Delightful Devon

Getting into a car after work, I had no idea where Alex was driving to. We got to Devon at 9:30pm amongst a clear skies, rolling hills and a secluded Shepherd’s Hut. It was a birthday surprise as close to nature as you can get.


Cooking outside, fire-pits, fairy lights and hot chocolate!

6) Paris and pals

With our open-jaw £264 flight ticket to Japan (Jack’s Flight Club!), we took the Eurostar to Paris for a weekend of wonder. From crispy confit duck to seeing my friend (the beautiful Anh Dao!), it was a brief but brilliant visit to the most romantic capital city in the world.


Canal side Paris

7) Futuristic Japan

We flew to Japan for £264 after securing an error fare on a flight ticket with Aeroflot. With the best train system in the world, Japan blew me away with an unrivaled food scene, whistle clean streets and a culture of respect that permeates everything you see and interact with. It was one of the best trips ever!dscn4906

8) Dickens in Rochester 

2018 marks my first mystery hotel assignment to Rochester! We stayed at the Ship Inn and paired our visit with the Rochester Dickensian Festival with fairground rides, parades and live music.


9) Cycling the Isle of Wight 

With nothing but a bike and a sleeping bag, Sarah and I set off to Cycle the Isle of Wight on the hottest weekend of the year! With lots of hills to contend with, we swam on secret beaches, met a paragliding instructor and climbed on crumbling cliffs.


10) Kayaking the Thames 

With 24 miles from Henley to Windsor, Alex and I paired together in a double kayak to paddle the Thames and camped in between. A stunning and different view to the world from the riverbanks.


11) Scary Striding Edge

With a bank holiday road trip to the Lake District, we stayed at Helvellyn Youth Hostel and took the scariest route ever to the summit at 950m.


12) Cape Wrath Bothy 

Bothy Trip round III! It was trekking through the largest bombing range in Western Europe to reach Britain’s most north-westerly mainland point, Cape Wrath. A weekend to remember with the longest day walk ever (47km).


13) Beautiful Lake Bled 

In September I visited Lake Bled with Ally! With its bluish-green lake, picture-postcard church on an island and a medieval castle clinging to a rocky cliff, we had 3 days here with alpine roller coasters and lots of pizza.


14) Zip line Slovenia 

Zip lining is an activity that makes me happy like no other. It makes me feel like I’m flying and it was a great way to see the Julian Alps.


15) The Secrets of the Prosecco Road

This was my second Sales weekend at Exodus. We flew to Venice and transferred to Soligo, a small village located in the heart of the Prosecco hills. A long weekend of lots of prosecco, olive groves and terraced vineyards.


16) Climbing Sand Dunes – the oldest desert in the world

We woke up at 4:00am to take in the sunrise on ‘Big Daddy’ Dune, one of the most captivating and incredible sights of Namibia!


17) Sky diving in Namibia

It’s a feeling I can’t begin to describe, it was so exhilarating and enlivening that I spent the rest of the day smiling.  I skydived near Swakopmund where the desert sand dunes meets the Atlantic Ocean. I’d highly recommend Ground Rush Adventures!


18) Alex Burgess 

2018 marks 3 years with Alex and I love him more with each passing day :).


2019 is another year to chase dreams and to appreciate every moment that brings a smile. I can’t wait!


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