2014 was another roller coaster of a year and another added chapter of the messy but exciting journey of finding yourself and what you love.

I felt this post was a little self indulgent, but I wrote this as means of expressing gratitude. Day to day, we often forget that the present moment is all we have. My top experiences relate to what I love, I’ve been ridiculously lucky, clumsy in dangerous situations and I’ve tried to make the most out of every pocket of time or extra bank holiday I’ve had whilst working full time.

Happy New Year, as cliches as New Years may be, I hope everyone finds that inner spark that makes you do or achieve what you dream to do.

1) Work 

After returning from Nicaragua, I went back to working as a waitress for £75.00 per week. Within a month, I luckily managed to secure my first ‘proper’ full time job at a Adventure Travel company, Exodus Travels!

2) Cycling

It took me a few months to work up the courage to cycle to workWho would want to cycle on London roads?! I bit the bullet, bought a bike and now I love it! It’s the first time I’ve cycled in years. It’s quicker then the tube, fun and free.

3) Edinburgh

I’ve lived in the UK my whole life and I’ve never been to Scotland! Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. A coach journey from hell, Arthur’s Seat, and a haggis tour: memories all made priceless by the lovely people I went with.


4) A solo ascent up Ben Nevis

Probably one of the scariest things I’ve done this year! A sleeper train for £25, French walkers who gave me a lift to the start of the mountain track, a movie night and dinner with a Irish girl who just walked 100 miles alone and a snowy ascent to the top with a blue sky backdrop.


5) Adrenaline Quarry, Plymouth

A day consisting of a giant swing, canyoning and zip wiring over a quarry! It hurts a bit landing in the water wrongly but I can’t recommend it enough! http://www.adrenalinquarry.co.uk/


6) The fastest zipwire in Europe, Zipworld!

I found ZipWorld on BBC News and I instantly knew I wanted to do it. Reaching speeds of over 100mph, you’re strapped into a hanging harness lying down and you’re thrown down from 432M! It is the closest feeling to flying I have ever felt. 


7) My first Arete ridge hike, Crib Goch.

There are over 10 routes to the summit of Snowdon and I impulsively decided to pick the hardest one. Crib Goch is a knife edged ridge that reconnects to the popular Pyg Track. I didn’t walk, I crawled using my hands. It was terrifying and thrilling at the same time and I am looking into doing another one!


8) Paragliding in Turkey

We were so high all I could think of was ‘how is this flumsy fabric holding us?”. Circling the beach in Side, Turkey. We took in the sight of ancient ruins, the harbour and the high rising, florid coloured hotel blocks of mass tourism.


9) Surfing in Cornwall

There is a rose-tinted vision that we all have about surfing. With x3 half day lessons, I naively thought I could master the basics. The basics are hard! I stood on the board for all of 2 seconds. A cheap coach, a surf lodge, and a old school friend: A very British summer break in Cornwall. 


10) Free Lion King Tickets

I woke up at 4:30am and queued in the pouring rain from 6:00am – 9:00am. All for the sake of free Lion King 15th Anniversary tickets. The mark of a true friendship, spending a full and rather exhausting day together with a friend with the grit to pursue the tickets firsthand!


11) Adventuring in Andorra

I hadn’t heard of Andorra before booking my trip with Intrepid Travel. A tiny country between France and Spain and an adventure playground! I feared for my life mountain biking and I was a ball of nerves whilst canyoning. I’ve realised that I love multi-activity holidays and I can’t wait to experience another one.


12) First educational (company trip), Walking in Mallorca!

October 2014 marks my first ‘educational’ (company trip): a week of walking in the beautiful Mallorca! I felt extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to go and I found it insightful seeing how trips were run from an on the ground perspective. You can read about my trip here.


13) Ryanair = A double City break to Bratislava and Budapest!

Throw in a cheap plane ticket, a quirky hostel, 2 European cities and a best friend with the willingness to do anything and a ‘civilised’ city break becomes a memorable Adventure! A few days away with Sophia and we soaked in natural thermal baths, puzzled over a room escape game and ran away from creeps residing in the same dorm room.


14) Christmas in Bath

Christmas Markets in a quaint English city. Add in naked pensioners who enjoy waking up early in dormitories, wandering down dark canals at night and Christmas Market Rage and a typical weekend trip away becomes another golden memory.


Happy New Year and here’s to a fantastic 2015! Connect with friends, grow, learn new lessons and love. 

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