25 Before 25

I had a bucket list here before. Whilst milling on a bus journey, I came to realise that surely a bucket list is futile, I’m in my 20’s! I decided to create a more focused list after securing a full-time job. It’s surprising how quickly days can seep by. I created this list in order to remember to stay true to what I love.

My 25 before 25 list

1. Reach the top of a minimum of 3 more mountains.

Snowdon (1085M) – 22.06.2014

Ben Nevis (1344m) (03.05.2014)

Puig d’en Galileu (1181M) – 01.10.2014


Summit Day – Friday 6th March 2015

2. Give blood x10 times.


Unfortunately due to Malaria risk I can’t give blood until August 2016! The 10th time will be within my 25th year :).

3. Be a vegetarian for the first time for at least a month.

Vegetarian: 7th July 2014 – 11th August 2014 (still kind of ongoing, I eat a lot less meat now)

4.   Make an organic vegetable plot at home and grow something from scratch (Inspired by Raleigh International).

Organic vegetable plot project with Raleigh International, Nicaragua 2013.

Organic vegetable plot project with Raleigh International, Nicaragua 2013.

You can read more about the community vegetable plot project with Raleigh International here 


Home grown herbs/vegetables in the garden now!

5.   Go to 25 countries before 25.

18 out of 25 (July 2014), 20 out of 25 (September 2014), 22 out of 25 (November 2014), 25 out of 25 (May 2015), 26 out of 25 (August 2015), 27 out of 25 (November 2015), 30 out of 25 (May 2016)

6. Sign up for a sporting event e.g. a adventure race, charity run or marathon.

The Nuts Challenge - 7km mud obstacle course 31st August 2014

The Nuts Challenge – 7km mud obstacle course 31st August 2014

7.  Maintain and keep my travel blog up to date.


8.  Fundraising £800.00 was hard. Whenever I see a JustGiving page on my NewsFeed,  I will donate money to each friend to a minimum accumulative value of £100.00.

28.06.2014 – More to come!

9.  Teach myself something new.


Brought a guitar in December 2015 and still dabble in it when I can!

10. Maintain going to the gym, with a target of going at least 9 – 10 times a month.

(Gym Attendance for 3 years so far – average of 8.8!) 

11.   Be able to lift my own body weight, whether it be through pull ups or monkey bars etc. – WORKING ON THIS! 

12. Sleep under the stars (Microadventure).

My first solo sleep out 19th Sept 2015 - Merstham to Otford

My first solo sleep out (no tent) 19th Sept 2015 – Merstham to Otford

13.   Visit my dad in Phuket, Thailand.


December 2015 – Family trip to Thailand

14.   Volunteer actively with St John Ambulance.

15. Go to a West-End Musical.

Fame the Musical (24.02.2014) War Horse (06.05.2014) Memphis the Musical (13.10.2014). Lion King (19.10.2014)

 My review of Memphis the Musical is available here

16. Visit the Scottish Highlands

Haggis Adventures (19.04.2014) and Fort William (01.05.2014). Fort William again  after luckily winning a adventure weekend there (01.08.2015)

 To read about Ben Nevis, Via Ferrata and Edinburgh, see here 

17.  Spontatenously treat a friend to lunch or dinner.

Bamboula Kitchen with Marisa, Busaba Thai with Dany, Dim T with Quyny, The Castle with Natty, Auberge with Alice.

18.   Go to a live concert.

McBusted, Hyde Park (06.07.2014)  – got the tickets for £2.50 from work! 🙂

19.   No matter how tempting, don’t ever get a smart phone.


20. Get published in a magazine/online article about Travel.

Wanderlust – Blog of the week (24.04.2014)

   You can read my Glacier Trekking Article published by the Daily Telegraph here 

Mountain Kingdoms – Traveller’s Tales (08.08.2014)

 21.  Do a long distance cycle.

Passau to Vienna – 300km! 

Attempt 1: South Downs Way 23.08.2014. Only got to 55 miles out of 100 due to difficult mountain biking terrain. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!

 You can read more about my attempt to cycle the South Downs Way here 

22.  Try an adrenaline activity that I haven’t done before.

Zipworld (biggest zipline in Europe), Wales 23.06.2014

23.  Try a cuisine I’ve never eaten before.

Persian –  Shiraz Restaurant, Cambridge 27.04.2014

24. Read something inspirational.

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

25. Do something touristy in London: I often forget it’s a wonderful city to live in!

RIB London speed boat tour 12.04.2014

 Current: 22/25

I was 22¾ at the time of writing. The deadline for this list was 10th May 2016. My student-y travel days may be over and I do spend an awful lot of time at work, but let us always remember to make time for the things that matter. 22/25!! 


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