Finding Nemo and Dory in THAILAND!

It makes up 71% of our world. 5 oceans, millions of species and an unlimited world of coral reefs, sea creatures and sunken wrecks. I was in Phuket for 2 weeks and we were on a day trip of snorkelling/kayaking with Andaman Tours.

There’s a different world under the sea. We’re suspended in water the colour of liquid sapphire, surrounded by strange sea flowers and shoals of fish with oval mouths and beady eyes. I’m on the look out for clown fish! The beloved Nemo, a story that captured the heart of any Pixar fan and stirred the wanderlust for exploring our beautiful world.


The longboat boatsman calls us over. ‘Hey…Nemo!’. I don’t think he knows I understand and speak Thai. I swim over, hovering beneath the water-line, watching the gentle sway of amnemonemomne as a clown fish emerges from the seafloor.

There is a bonus footage of Dory, fleetingly captured at about 20 seconds into the video. It’s a truly surreal experience, swimming in tropical waters and completely encircled by fish. Don’t miss it!


Fish + Dad

Trip Tips 

  • We booked our trip through Andaman Leisure Phuket. A great company that offers hotel pick ups, kayaking, island hopping, and snorkelling.
  • The boat trip is no problem. I’m prone to getting sea sick but it was a steady journey
  • A day trip costs approximately £80 / 3,600 baht. Terrible secret tip: Book on the phone in fluent Thai. Go with a Thai friend. You’ll get it half price. 
  • All snorkelling equipment is provided – nothing to bring on the trip.
  • It’s world-class snorkelling a stonethrow away from Phuket, don’t miss it!


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