A unmissable thing to do in Gothenburg

“Do you think we have changed much between being 15 and 25?”. Sophia smirks at me. “No, we haven’t changed at all”.

I’m grinning from ear to ear and my hands are on a steering wheel. I’m slamming my foot on a gas pedal erratically and the golf buggy jerks forward. I’m shaking with laughter, my shoulders quiver and my stomach hurts from trying to suppress the giggling. I can’t believe he gave us this without a deposit or asking for ID!


Our beloved vehicle, Meatball.

We’re on the Archiplelago Islands, a 40 minute tram ride away from central Gothenburg. The sky is a measureless deep blue, it reflects the sea and scatters the sunlight like throwaway sequins. We’ve reached Styrsö island, a car-less island with a population of 1400.

Outside the port is a parked golf buggy. There is an enticing “Rent a Car” sign displayed on the windscreen. For 250kr (£22) we could explore the island and go wild in a golf buggy. I feel a gentle stir of excitement; the tug of temptation mixed with a sense of mischievousness.

I cannot begin to describe the pure joy we got from doing this. The laughter and happiness came in waves. An endless surge of giggling whilst driving on car-less roads, on a beautiful island. We had no plans to do this, we didn’t even know where the boat was going once we arrived at the ferry port. This embodied everything I love about travelling – nature beauty, spontaneity and an unplanned thrill.

We drove through little roads with residential houses. Styrsö island felt like a toy town. “This feels like…The Truman Show” I whisper to Sophy. The houses were green, red and yellow with balconies and manicured lawns. It was a surreal feeling, like intruding a village without the intention to.

I can’t recommend this activity enough. Golf buggying in the Archiplelago Islands is a wonderful way to embrace the quiet livelihood of the island life on a fun filled day trip from Gothenburg.

Trip Tips

  • Transport – I flew to Gothenburg with Ryanair. A single fare can be obtained for as little as £4.99!
  • Accommodation – I stayed at an Air B’n’B for £23 per night. It is a great budget value for a fairly expensive city.
  • Food – I can recommend Smaka on Vasaplatsen 3 as a great restaurant to try traditional Swedish meatballs. The sauce is delicious and the meatballs are served with a mountain of mash potato! The dish costs approx £13. DSCN7396.JPG
  • Visit Gothenburg Old Town, the shopping street Haga is full of independent businesses and quirky coffee shops.dscn7408
  • For a fun and affordable souvenir, buy some Swedish chocolate bars. Chocolate called ‘Ploop’, ‘Puss’ and ‘Japp’ make the best presents.


  • If you have any questions/queries about Gothenburg, feel free to comment here or email me.



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