Social Media

When did we become so jaded as a generation? Our private insecurities follow us, marred by real time updates to be Instagram beautiful and Facebook liked. It flourishes faster then we dare to admit, a sea of technology that creates impossibly high standards and snatches away a perfect feeling or moment so it can be documented and shared with others.

We’re so young, yet we’re the ones trapped by it. 24 years old and watching lives filtered by social media, imbuing a sense that the others are more accomplished, more interesting and more adult in how they conduct themselves.

The truth is, no one knows what they’re doing. We’re young enough to impulsively follow our hearts and old enough to be independent and mould our sense of self. Away from the online world, remember that life is beautiful. Grasp that starry eyed quality and that sense of possibility. Laugh until it turns heads, chase your dreams and embrace that burning desire to try things.

I’m on a long train journey listening to trails of thought and I want to bottle this feeling.  In love, curious, scared, passionate and unsure of it all. Put away the social media comparison and let us remember that  uncertainty is not the end of things, but the beginning.

When Worlds Collide-XL.jpg

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