My First Glacier Trekking Experience

This was the 4th time I entered the Daily Telegraph Just Back writing competition. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again! I decided to book the experience after a walking trip around Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc Highlights). Here are some tips on how you can go glacier trekking in Chamonix:

  • I booked with Evo2, a well established local company in Chamonix, the experience was from 9:00am to 4:00pm and the cost was 99 EUR.
  • The company’s website is:
  • Equipment rental is an extra 17.50 EUR (17.50€ / day in Coquoz / Sport 2000 shop, 306 rue du Dr Paccard)
  • To reach the glacier, you will have to get a return ticket to take the Montenvers train up to the glacier (30.50€). I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the ice caves (grotto de glace) and the museum.
  • Bring lunch with you + sunglasses! The sun reflecting off the ice is extremely bright and sunglasses are a necessity.
  • The article is online here

Thank you to Charlotte and Helen who sent me a copy of the article 🙂


Some ice climbing during the glacier trek


Ice Scenery


Learning to trust the crampons!


The rolling waves of ice (Mer De Glace – Sea of Ice)


Descending down steep ladders/rocks to reach the glacier


Travel Writing Competition

  • Email your entry, in 500 words (with the text in the body of the email), to
  • The winner will receive £200 in the currency of their choice from the Post Office.
  • The T&C’s are via this link.
  • It is a weekly competition so lots of chances to try your travel writing entries!

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