Catapulting with UK Bungee Club

There is upbeat pop music is blasting through speakers. We approach the crane which swings gently in the breeze, precariously close to Bray Lake.  I feel a bubble of excitement grow. Happiness flowed through me, warming my skin like the rays of an early summer sun. I grin as I embrace the feeling of excited anticipation, I love activities like this!

UK Bungee Club at Bray Lake, Maidenhead.

UK Bungee Club at Bray Lake, Maidenhead.

We approach the registration area with glee. We hand over our confirmation and receive our lanyards which shows our place in the queue. There are 5 people ahead of us and we watch nervously as each person is hurled into the air.

Catapult set-up

Catapult set-up

Quyn, my adrenaline buddy in crime, is being catapulted first. Our weight is scribbled on our hand before we’re harnessed in and attached to the bungee cord. We’re instructed to keep our hands crossed against our chest (probably to stop accidentally punching yourself in the face) on the initial release.

Pre-launch briefing

Pre-launch briefing

The crane rises into the air, pulling the bungee cord taunt as I’m pulled off my feet. I dangle about a metre off the ground. A claxon sounds from above and I’m released, bolting straight through the air.

Its a sensation that is difficult to describe. It feels like I’ve gained the ability to fly, blasting from the ground with uncontrollable speed like some form of superhuman ability. After the initial launch, I begin to fall, dropping like a stone towards Bray Lake. My heart races with fear at this point as I fall towards the ground.

The bungee cord catches me. I swing beneath the crane like a rag doll before I am gently lowered to the ground.I buzzed with happiness for the rest of the day, where I spent the afternoon munching on prepacked sandwiches and paddling out on the lake with a crash course in Stand up Paddleboard (SUP).

SAM_6843SAM_6855 SAM_6851


  • I catapulted with UK Bungee Club. Bray Lake is a permanent site and the crane is just 5 mins away from Bray Lake Reception.
  • I brought my catapult via Groupon and I got £12.00 off the price [RRP £39.00]. The link to purchase the experience for £27.00 is
  • I travelled from London. I took a direct train from London Paddington to Maidenhead (30 – 40 mins, £7.80 with a YP Railcard), Bray Lake was just a 10 minute drive away. We found a very cheap taxi firm called Dot2Dot, they charged us just £5.00 for the journey from the train station to the Watersports Centre (£10.00 return).
  • I learnt how to Stand-Up Paddleboard after. My full course was £30.00. The usual price is £49.00 and I was offered a discount as I booked the day before and they wanted more people on the course. More information about SUP tuition is available here
  • UK Bungee Club customers get 15% off all equipment rental at Bray Lake (kayaks, wind-surfing, canoes and sailing).
  • Happy flying!
Go for it! You know you want to :).

Go for it! You know you want to :).

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